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PZE-W Clan Details | Wot-Conquest | World of Tanks Global Conquest and Clan tracking
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Clan info

Gathered information from a clan.

Server: Russia Server (RU), 3rd Campaign

[PZE-W] Panzer Elite: WestFront Clan info

Basic information about the clan.

Clan colour:
Latest Daily Income:
0 Gold
Highest Daily Income:
960 Gold
Monthly Income:
0 Gold
Overall Income:
360 Gold
Latest Owned provinces:
Highest Owned provinces:
Clan Average Efficiency:
Clan Average WN7/8:
Successful CW fights:
CW Participation since:
2 Day


Actually owned provinces list.

Doesn't have a province.


All possible alliance displayed.

Current Income
[ PZE ] Panzer Elite
2,880 Gold
[ PZE_M ] Panzer Elite Mittelspiel
480 Gold
[ PZE-A ] Panzer Elite Asgard
480 Gold
[ PZE-C ] Panzer Elite Citadel
600 Gold
[ PZE-D ] Panzer Elite Deutschland
1,200 Gold
[ PZE-G ] Panzer Elite Grenadier
240 Gold
[ PZE-L ] Panzer Elite Lords
960 Gold
[ PZE-N ] Panzer Elite Nord
240 Gold
[ PZE-S ] Panzer Elite Süd
720 Gold
[ PZE-V ] Panzer Elite "Vendetta"
480 Gold

Longest Province held

History, all streak displayed.

Doesn't have any streak.